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IKEMBE facilitates, and promotes commerce between you and the African community in the US in general and in NYC in particular.


You can promote your talent, business, portfolio, or services through the IIKEMBE app whether you are a freelancer, model, artist, or public advocate.

With your membership, you will have the opportunity to promote yourself and increase your revenue, thus your popularity.


You will be able to add the services you provide, your location, your contact information, your social media, your website, your gallery…Furthermore, your clients and customers can contact you directly through the app. Your name will be listed, and your skills will be tested.

 Our Commitment 

While the IKEMBE app is FREE to download and use, our commitment to constantly improve our services require us to charge an extremely modest fee of $2 a month for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, models, and entertainers who wants to be listed.

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